I have been writing WordPress plugins for a good while now and with the release of WordPress 2.7, I decided to rewrite the Session Manager to both look better and provide a little more information that the first incarnation.

If you don’t know what my Session Manager is all about then read on, otherwise download Version 2.0

Session Manager V2.0 (12.19 KB)

WordPress Session Manager is freely available through this site. Feel free to chop and change it to suit your needs (I may even help if you ask). It gives you the following information:

The number of visitors in the last day (configurable) (v1.0)

The number of pages each visitor looked at (v1.0)

Which pages have been looked at (v1.0)

The times each page was visited (v1.0)

The visitor count displayed per page (v1.1)

Recent site activity (2.0)

WordPress 2.7 support and restructure (v2.0)

Support for user excludes by session_id, user_id or ip address (v2.0)

Support for page excludes (v2.0)

Delete data functionality (v2.0)

That’s it, no more, no less!

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