Thank you for installing Group-Office. This page checks if your system meets the requirements to run Group-Office.
If this page prints errors or warnings, please visit this page for more information: http://www.group-office.com/wiki/Installation
Mcrypt support : Warning: No Mcrypt extension for PHP found. Without mcrypt Group-Office has to save e-mail passwords in plain text.
pspell support : Warning: No pspell extension for PHP found. The spellchecker in the e-mail composer won’t work.
Calendar functions : Warning: Calendar functions not available. The Group-Office calendar won’t be able to generate all holidays for you. Please compile PHP with –enable-calendar.
TAR Compression : Warning: tar is not installed or not executable.
TNEF : Warning: tnef is not installed or not executable. you can’t view winmail.dat attachments in the email module.
Ioncube : Warning: Ioncube is not installed. The professional version will not run.
Passed! Group-Office should run on this machine
Use this information for your Group-Office Professional license:
Server name: localhost
Server IP:

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