Outlook 2000 hangs on exit

Here is the PATCH for this related KB article –
When you try to quit Microsoft Outlook 2000, you receive the following message and Outlook 2000 does not quit:
Please wait while Microsoft Outlook exits.
Note: This problem may also occur if you try to quit Outlook 2000 after Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 was used to open your mailbox or if another user viewed your shared Calendar with Outlook 2003


似乎是真的 當用outlook 2003開啟過信箱資料夾後

再用outlook2000開啟….就會掛掉= =+




The /resetfolders command switch is run the same as the /safe command switch,
use the Start>Run key in: Outlook /resetfolders.

Here are more command switches to open Outlook:
OL2000: Additional Command-Line Switches

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