Google顯然已經受夠了Internet Explorer 6。

該公司宣布,從3月1日起,Google Docs和Google Sites服務,將不再支援IE6。若要繼續使用那些產品,IE使用者必須至少升級到IE7。

Google在公司部落格寫道:「(因為)許多其他公司都已停止支援較舊版的瀏覽器,如Internet Explorer 6.0,和他們本身的製造商不支援的瀏覽器。」


Google新訂的支援門檻是「Firefox 3.0以上、Chrome 4.0以上,和Safari 3.0以上」。該公司表示:「自3月1日起,這些產品的重要功能,以及新的Docs和Sites功能,在舊版瀏覽器將無法適當執行。」

via ZDNet Taiwan – Google將停止支援IE6 – 新聞 – Web應用.


he web has evolved in the last ten years, from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications including video and voice. Unfortunately, very old browsers cannot run many of these new features effectively. So to help ensure your business can use the latest, most advanced web apps, we encourage you to update your browsers as soon as possible. There are many choices:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+

Mozilla Firefox 3.0+

Google Chrome 4.0+

Safari 3.0+

Many other companies have already stopped supporting older browsers like Internet Explorer 6.0 as well as browsers that are not supported by their own manufacturers. We’re also going to begin phasing out our support, starting with Google Docs and Google Sites. As a result you may find that from March 1 key functionality within these products — as well as new Docs and Sites features — won’t work properly in older browsers.

2010 is going to be a great year for Google Apps and we want to ensure that everyone can make the most of what we are developing. Please take the time to switch your organization to the most up-to-date browsers available.

Posted by Rajen Sheth, Google Apps Senior Product Manager


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