Network FailurePosted November 24th, 2009 at 12:31 am PST by micahDreamHost is currently experiencing a fairly large network failure. The extent is unknown at this time however it seems that most of our central services,, webmail, etc… as well as our customer sites and email are affected.We have our network experts up and looking into the situation right now, hopefully a solution or at least more information will be forthcoming.Update 3:20am Pacific – The issue with the network has now been resolved!  At this time, our network and most services are back up and running.  We’re still running triage on the servers and working to bring everything back up to full functionality.  If you’re still experiencing any downtime, know that we’re working on those issues.  Feel free to contact us for more info and please check back with this post for more updates when we have them.

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